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Design Excellence

and Green Innovation

B3 architects offers a full spectrum of design services. The firm, formerly Baer Wolfe Architects, was established in 1976 with the core value of providing quality service and client satisfaction.   

While our work spans a wide range of project types, we have extensive experience in Healthcare, Higher Education, and Financial facilities. Other B3 projects include retail, office, multi-family, residential, and civic. We explore new ways to integrate unique solutions for each of our projects. We incorporate various materials and forms to provide a building with texture, depth, and color. We always consider a project’s environment, economic and social contexts, and sustainable possibilities. Rather than imposing a single style, our work reflects our collaboration with a client to provide them with a unique project. The design styles we have created range from classical to contemporary. Regardless the project, we view architecture and buildings as functional art. B3 architects also understands that a project needs to be functional and practical at the same time. We believe architecture can positively affect people and their environment.

Dallas  L. Miller

Registered Architect


Dave Johnson

Project Manager

Scott Messimer

Project Manager

Rocky Baer

Principal Architect


David Dennison

Project Manager